Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Welcome to "Next Issue!" a place for the discussion of comics, art and ideas - in particular the ways in which comics and art weave in and out of larger cultural trends and contexts. This is not a review site - in the usual sense of the term. Criticism will naturally play a role in the discussion, but rather than critiquing specific books and their creators (there are plenty of excellent review sites for that) we'll be focussing on broader issues and ideas relating to works (new or old) that we are seeing, reading or otherwise encountering - with the intent of initiating critical dialogue.

We're hoping "Next Issue" will be a forum to turn ideas around, look them over, and consider them from different points of view. A place to argue a position - a place for debate. So please feel free to agree or disagree - and to offer your thoughts. Consensus is not necessary - or even desirable. But interesting and provocative dialogue is.

We're your hosts: Geoff Grogan-artist, creator and self-publisher of Look Out! Monsters, an over-size Xeric-winning collage comic, and Kevin Mutch, comics creator, painter, and co-editor/publisher of Blurred Vision, an anthology of experimental and alternative comics.

We'll be following a format in which one of us offers an opinion piece and the other responds -- and after the inital volley we'll open the discussion up to interested commentary. Please join us - it promises to be an engaging discussion!

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