Thursday, October 8, 2009

bArt Comics

I like Bart Simpson's "Treehouse of Horror". That's a pretty good comic book.
I like where Portlius Maximus, great god of chubbiness, drops giant onion ring creatures and
evil skysauce on Homer and Bart. That's pretty good. I laughed 'til I started to choke on Honey-nut Cheerios. I also like clone Simpsons and poison bootleg candy. Also, John Kerschbaum draws a pretty awesome Homer. I also like where Bart says "You will all be consumed" in"the Call of the Vegulu"--it's like the title of the next Fletcher Hanks book or something.
those are the things I like. there are some things I don't care one way or another about. But there's not really anything I don't like. Except that last bit-it looks like something I did in a notebook in 7th grade.

So, if you like Simpsons, and you like Art, then this is the comic for you.
p.s. I bought this comic with my own money.

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