Tuesday, January 26, 2010

reports of our demise

Those of you who had been following this blog until recently may be under the impression that both Kevin & I have fallen off the face of the planet. I understand the rational for this conception--our posts have become few and fewer far and farther apart until finally like a Cat of Cheshire they exist no longer. But --were you to suggest-- that we have been idle in our irresponsibility, that we have succumbed to the pleasures of the couch and potato -then I must counter your assertion and say nay! shout No! No- you would be wrong,sir! Sorely Wrong! Hah! Have at you!

Indeed-for The Mutchster (of Famous Mutchsters --or those of you of baby-boom age may remember him portrayed by the genial Fred Gwynne in the eponymous television classic) and myself, the Mutchkin of Oz, have been sequestered in our Tower, cloistered in our attic, imprisoned in our castle, plotting and conniving,conceiving and constructing---day in, day out , month after month since before the harvest--preparing--something----grand---something...so special in its specialness--that it exceeds all previous special-nesses ever previously presented as truly special**. Something...for you...something for comics fans so desperate for something...special...that they scan blogs like these continuously looking for that special something. or some such.
Yes--we have a plan. Together, along with the inimitable Alex of Rader, we have combined our forces---our minions, our millions---
and we have hatched it. "IT" is what has been hatched from us-which one I can't say--but rest assured it has reached hatched-ness---and now soft boils in the roiling boil---waiting to be unleashed upon--the world! The World! HAhAhhah--yes! The WORLD!

Our hatched thing called "it"--or something else---is soon to be presented --to you,loyal reader,long suffering, true-blue comics fan---Our "It"ched--that which we have christened "pood"--pood the beauty-ous, pood the generous, pood the large---is soon to be revealed to you--because you--deserve it. Yes--we have a present of pood for you--because you are special and we like you!
We have worked on our pood and we are so sure that you will love it too that we will tell you very soon what pood is and wot pood does and where pood wuz---and you will be happy. Or the hell with you. I don't care anymore. I luv pood and you will too. Big beautiful, colorful pood is just for you--all of you--pood people--everywhere!

So be on the lookout---Kevin, Alex and I are bringing pood to you very soon--whether you like it or not! (but you will--I promise you you will!)
more to come.........

** special lines unabashedly stolen from the great, supremely cheezy Michael Palin in the "Concert for George".

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